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Creating an office in your attic

Offices can be frustrating places in which to work, with noise and disruptions greatly reducing productivity. Even if you work from home, there could be just as many distraction, especially if you have children. By converting your attic into a home office, you’ll create the perfect working environment, away from any distractions – a place where you can concentrate and increase your output.

Attics are often wasted space, being used as storage rather than as a functional room within your house. They can sometime be quite small too – too small for an extra bedroom, but the perfect size for an office.

In reality attics make the perfect home office. They offer a casual and comfortable atmosphere, separated from the rest of your house, giving you independence and a space of your own, all of which is conducive to a good working environment. Instead of being filled with Christmas decorations, your attic could be a hive of productivity and a place where you can focus without the distractions of day-to-day goings-on.

Offices should be well organised places and by installing smart storage solutions in your attic office you can arrange all of your paperwork, books and documents, keeping your workspace clutter free and making your office a much more enjoyable place to work. Space within the attic can sometimes be limited or awkward, but smart storage solutions can create an ergonomic environment tailored to your needs.

There are also plenty of attic window options to provide the perfect light levels for your work area. Attics often have the best view of the surroundings because of their elevation, so a well-placed, attractive window can be an extremely important asset for you attic office. You can position your desk around the window not only to provide the best light levels, but also for the view. Aside for the view and good lighting, attic windows offer ventilation. There’s nothing worse than a stuffy office, so windows are essential for keeping your office fresh and your mind sharp.

One last note – if you’re still unsure about converting your attic into an office, it will also undoubtedly add value to your house, sometimes by as much as 10%. So if converting your attic into an office sounds like the ideal solution for you, contact some local attic companies today for a quote; it’s the first step towards creating your perfect attic office!

Some of my favourite inspiration for extending your attic;

A beautiful window seat;


Fab built in storage;

A light and airy home office;